Let us find the right brick for you


We stock a vast range of new bricks in our yard that come in red, buff and other colour variants as well as different styles.

Should you require bricks that we don’t stock, don’t worry, we could order these in for you. Our main brick suppliers are…

RECLAIMS brick_reclaim-1-edit

We stock reclaim bricks for those who are looking to go for a rustic look or have an old home and are looking to blend an extension in with the current build. Reclaim bricks are cleaned and recycled.


BRICK MATCHES brick_matches-edit

If you don’t know what brick your house is made of and you’re planning an extension, a brick match will help you get as close to your current bricks as possible, if not identical.

To get a brick match; upload an image below and please include the size and how many bricks you’re after. This way we can find the right brick for you and your home as soon as possible.